IT Director (Mr. Vincent Grimes)

Public Relations/IT Director

Mr. Vincent Grimes is a native of Columbus, GA. and a founding member of Big Dreams, Inc., prior to joining BDI Mr. Grimes worked for Ivy Preparatory Academy in Atlanta, GA. where he brought over nineteen years of technology experience in a diverse cross section of areas such as Software Development, Design Engineering, System Operations, System Implementation and Technical Support.  Before joining Ivy Prep, Mr. Grimes worked as a consultant with many of the leading companies in the industry.  Some of those companies included the Department of Defense (D.O.D), Equifax, CARE, and Atlanta Public Schools.  Mr. Grimes earned an A.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Columbus Technical College as well as an A.S. in Network Security from Dekalb Technical College.  Mr. Grimes continues to assist the scholars, teachers and parents in understanding the role of technology as it pertains to everyday living and goal-oriented success. By providing a 21st century education in our ever-changing global community, Mr. Grimes designs programs and technical support strategies to assist scholars in becoming highly skilled adults who are capable of adapting to cutting edge technology in the environment in which they will live, work and play. Mr. Grimes is passionate about Charity work where he can use his experience to help prepare the youth in our community and abroad for a brighter future