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The people of the Gambia are facing major obstacles in their pursuit of basic health care to save and or enhance their lives. Basic health care is not affordable for the vast majority of citizens in the Gambia. Although a few government-run clinics do exist, they are not adequately equipped to handle the needs of the people. The two major problems faced by Gambians are related to the shortage of health care professionals and access of medications due to availability and financial restrictions. The main causes of mortality in infants (0-12 months) are neonatal sepsis, premature deliveries, malaria, respiratory infections, diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition. For child mortality, the main causes are: malaria, pneumonia, malnutrition, and diarrhoeal diseases. Almost 60% of the population is under age 25. The literacy rate is 55% for men – and considerably lower for women. Poverty is a national issue. In 2008 (last data available) there were only 0.11 physicians/1000 people – compare this to the United States with 2.5 physicians/1000 people and you can see a country that needs help to care for her people.

Big Dreams Incorporated working hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Gambia will be hosting the International Medical & Dental Relief organization for a Medical & Dental Relief trip to the Gambia from June 14-23, 2019

For this Medical & Dental Mission the team will provide free quality primary healthcare to the local population in the rural areas of the Gambia.

“The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”-Mahatma Gandhi;

“do something…not because you are paid, but because you have the privilege of doing it”- henry David Thoreau;

“no one ever made a mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little”- Edmund Burke

These are the type of phrases from which the idea of Gambia Medical mission was founded.


Your host will ensure your safety and security from your arrival in the Gambia to your departure back to CONUS. you will have the opportunity to explore the Gambia, not just from the perspective of the health of her people, but also culturally as you work with many different tribes. You will stay on an island designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, infamous for its history of slaving but now famous as the disembarkation point in the book and movie, “Roots”, based on a true history of a family living on the island in the 1700s, and the lead character, now known around the world as “Kunta Kinte”. You will travel along the Gambia River, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, where oysters abound, giving rise to the national dish of the Gambia, oyster stew. Women harvest the oysters from the river and add many of the common Gambian flavors from peanuts, tomatoes, black eyed peas, and more. You’ll enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Gambia every day during your journey.


Birdwatching, safaris, river kayaking and rafting, the possibilities are endless in the Gambia! Crocodile watching is a favorite pastime, including viewing the rare “dwarf” crocodiles at one of the three sacred crocodile pools used for fertility rituals. Monkeys and baboons are waiting to meet you around every river bend. Beautiful Atlantic beaches, the Makasutu Culture Forest, five star resorts where you can relax after a hard week of work – all waiting for you in the Gambia! The amazing 5-Star resorts on the Atlantic coast will really capture your attention for your extended stay. And you’re in Africa! Jet off to South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, or any of the amazing destinations that the continent has to offer!!

To join us on this amazing fun-fill trip, please fill-out the application below or contact us for any questions or concerns you may have

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