Big Dreams, Inc. has been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and youth of all walks of life at home and abroad since we began.

sportsIn order to achieve this, we offer many services including the following:

  • Recruiting adult volunteers to create and coach a regular fun physical activity for children
  • Encourage families to adapt a healthy eating habits
  • Boost family participation in realistic healthy lifestyles.
  • Offer volunteers a platform where they get the opportunity to adopt a classroom, and get involved directly in children’s education.
  • Help prepare students for success
  • Provide Individualized coaching and mentoring
  • Group activities to build teamwork skills and self-confidence

Our child fitness and mentoring services will perhaps be our program with the most impact.

In order to offer these services, we will recruit adults from the community and surrounding areas who have achieved personal and professional success in their lives.

We will develop a training program for these volunteers to teach them how to teach the children and youth the skills and lessons they have learned in a highly nurturing environment.


Our mentors are exceptional young adults coming from various walks of life who recognized the physical and emotional effects of a sedentary lifestyle, determined to share their valuable time with children and youth in our community and abroad to help boost their physical, social skills, and emotional wellbeing. Also, increase intellectual abilities and plan for their future. The organization strongly believes that by providing high quality mentors for children and youth today, will help produce responsible, respectful and caring adults for tomorrow; help decrease drugs and violent behaviors in our communities and make the world a better and safer place to live.


We know children of different back grounds and ages all have potential and we recognize those potentials; so we help them gain interest and explore more about their unique talents and abilities. Our goal is to encourage them, so they don’t lose interest and motivation in learning and staying active.

Our team recognizes that sometimes children are discouraged; believe that they do not have what it takes to improve. When this happens, they underestimate themselves and their abilities, this mostly due to negative vibes around them. Some of the BDI teams members are parents and grandparents who had similar experiences and know exactly how to deal with them
They understand that discouragement is the main reason for most ‘failures’ in school, especially for teenagers. Our team has the experience to motivate, empower and boost youth and children’s moral. We have an innovative program to help young parents believe in their children’s unique abilities and empower them in a positive and fun environment. At BDI, the bottle is always” half full; never half empty “. We praise and reward children and youth for their efforts no matter how big or small, it may be.