Rene Grimes

Child Development Specialist

Rene Grimes is a native of Columbus, GA.  where she was educated in the Muscogee County School System. She is currently working at Martin Army Community Hospital in Fort Benning, GA. She teaches and prepares students for the future to help them in modern day society. She has been working for Martin Army Community Hospital for more than 20 years in the mother-baby unit and family practice clinic.

Rene understands the physical and emotional effects of a sedentary lifestyle, as she has dealt with real world issue of obesity as a child, which encouraged her to be a part of Big Dreams, an organization that advocates for child fitness,  nutrition a belief in personal responsibility, while instilling positive habits, and demonstrating passionate commitment to excellence.

Rene is a nurse with more than 20 years of experience in nursing.

Rene earned a bachelor’s degree in applied science from Tuskegee University

She has been active in the community with health promotions, American Cancer Society, SafeKids of Columbus and various health fairs around the city of Columbus, Georgia. She has a passion working with people in the community.