Founder (Adoum)


Adoum was born in Niumi Sicka and raised both in the Republic of Gambia and Senegal where he attended Islamic boarding school (Dara). He graduated from Muslim High School; later attended College in Damascus, Syria. Adoum spent several years travelling and exploring Africa to learn about its unique ethnic diversity and multiculturalism. He is a Naturalized U.S. Citizen and a Founding Member of Big Dreams, Inc. Adoum graduated from Columbus Technical College with a Degree in Micro Computer Specialist in 2002, and earned a Networking Specialist Degree from the same College in 2004, subsequently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation and Logistics Management at the American Military University AMU/APUS (West Virginia).

Adoum is a Linguist, working in the Logistics field at a different capacity for DoD, Federal Support Services, Defense Maintenance and Logistics Group (Overseas)

Adoum is married with three children. He is passionate about charity works and committed to use his extensive knowledge, experience and cultural diversity to educate children and youth in his community and abroad through community-based education and awareness programs to empower those who have fallen victims to the greed and social injustice in this resourceful part of the world where real opportunities are becoming scarce.